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Every happy couple has a story of how they first met. Whether through a mutual friend or a dating site, the right match was the key to joyful togetherness.

At Eyeshot Photography, we take great care to match you with just the right wedding photographer for your special day. We help make a connection with one of our talented photographers—who specializes in the look and style just right for you—that results in visual bliss.

Finally, because we handle the business details for our wedding photographers, they’re free to stay creative, capturing all your memorable moments with just the right amount of flair while offering you an unbeatable value in the process.

Ready to make the right match? We’re just an email or phone call away.

Who We Are
A New Approach

We’re a collective studio. What the heck does that mean? It means we have a whole bunch of talented wedding photographers on our team, bringing a dizzying array of styles and vision to your day. The looks may vary, but awesomeness is a constant. If seeing your images doesn’t leave you gasping and just a bit misty-eyed, we tend to take it personally.

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What We Offer
Prices. Yes, we actually share them

Most wedding photographers don’t state their prices upfront. Everything is “contact us” or “let’s discuss it.” We honestly don’t see the point of working this way. So we tell you exactly what you get and what it costs, without hidden fees, mandatory “extras” or an awkward negotiation.

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What Others Say
Don’t Take It From Us

We could sing our own praises all day long. But why should we do that, when our customers are more than happy to sing them for us? “The team was so much fun to work with,” one says. “The photos looked amazing,” says another. “The best part is, they are very affordable,” adds a third. We have more where those came from… so much more.

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See the proof(s)

Visit our image gallery

Photography is the ultimate “show me” business. If our images weren’t up to snuff, nothing else would matter. Not to worry. Visit our gallery and let your eyes soak in the emotive visuals. Then imagine yourself and people you know in these shots, instead of handsome strangers.

A Day In The Life

Or… A Day in Our Lives

What’s it like to capture the single most important day in the lives of two people? Read our blog and find out.







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